Enterprise Spirit: Guanli Flange  Credit Forging


Enterprise Objective: Create Chinese Brand, Climb World Peak


Quality Policy: General Management, Constant Improvement, Quality Supreme, Credit Eternity



  Harmony ---- People-oriented, firm solidification, forming strong cohesive force

  Sincerity- honest, up-and-up, credit first, work-devotion, preserving company fame and image

  Philosophy--- open-minded, full understanding and communication, seeking common ground while shielding differences, fueling the development vigor of the whole company

  Profit--- High quality and high efficient, keeping thebalancing profit among the company, customers,staff, collaborator and the society


■Customer upmost 

  “Customer upmost--- enterprise development should emphasize on the customer , reflecting the market and the service principle that customers are upmost. Harmony-oriented--- Harmony refers to the best condition where people, nature and society develop harmoniously. The harmony here emphasizes on the good relationship between the enterprise and customers to maximize the economic profit and on the other hand, it tries to pursue the harmony and unification of the enterprise and the society, the human and the nature, to realize the sustainable development of modern civilization and the society.


■Work style 

  “surmounting self ”——

  ◇ Recognize ourselves properly, enhance strong points while shielding weaknesses, give a full play of one’s potentials;

  ◇ know clearly our responsibility, undertake the work responsibility initiatively, set an example for others ;

  ◇ develop our strong points and advocate the competition and innovation;

   The core meaning of “surmounting self” emphasizes the initiative of staff members to make them get involved in the company profit. As an employee, we must learn to be the master of ourselves and overcome our shortcomings, brave to undertake the responsibility and put more vigor to the company development.

  “ Respecting others ”——

  ◇ Take colleagues in other departments as our “customers” and offer our help for them;

  ◇ Think over questions in others stand and try to understand others and respect others;

  ◇ abandon the wrong thought of “extremely conceited and self-important”, we advocate that all are equal.

“Respecting others” emphasizes on the affinity and coordinative force among staff. All employees should work together with others and serve for the company. The company behavior is not represented by one person but all employees. We should try to cultivate the cooperative ability of the staff and avoid the excessive exaggeration of self-awareness.


■Core values 

  ◇ Profit

   Customer’s profit is first.Fulfilling the customers is the premise for the sustainable development of our common profit. Maintaining the balancing profit and maximize the benefit of the company, the shareholders, the customers, the staff, the collaborator and all sides of the society.

  ◇ values

Company value is from the technology, the capital and all staff's work.

According one’s contribution, ability, responsibility and work manner, we try to allocate the value and profit based on the objective, fair principle for sustainable development.

 Utilize the principle of distribution according to labourand capital, we distribute the value in the forms of development opportunity, authority, wages, bonus, and other forms of welfare.

  ◇ Talent

A good company will cultivate and attract the outstanding talents, and the first-class employees will create a better development.

We try our best to create more conditions, where the outstanding talents can show themselves.

Servant principle:morality and ability are both important; strong points should find the best development.

  ◇ Management goal

  Management goal: all employees give full scope to the talents and all things see their best use.

  Management principle: scientific policy-making, authoritative implementation, standard management

  Key points of management : Scientific plan formulation, rigorous procedure control.

  ◇ Competition

  Competition is the key factor that can maintain the lasting vigor of an enterprise;

  Offer the fair competition opportunity, and use the fair evaluation standard;

  Not the competition with opponents, we should emphasize on the demand of customers, which is the impetus for our development.