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■Our policy 
 Enlarge product category according to market; satisfy customers, pay attention to product quality; improve quality management, increase economic benefit.
  All staffs should understand and carry out our quality policy. Try hard to achieve it.
 1、 Scientific management: customers-driving organizing flow, systematic management control, dynamic resource allocation, communication & participation focused environment, flexible inspiration mechanism and constant improvement to achieve the target. 
 2、 Innovative product: make research, design, plan and customer service by innovative thinking, constantly satisfy customers and their potential need, be more competitive, improve company and make contribution to society.
 3、 Satisfying service: set up the conception that “enterprise relies on customers”. Focused on customers’ satisfaction, the company serves customers timely and precisely; it is advocated that every staff provides sincere service for customers.
 4、 Cooperative development: respect staffs and concern about every part’s benefit. Create value for customers, providers and partners by products and service; improve both staffs and enterprise by creating opportunities.