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Carbon steel flange working principle

Cast flange, rough shape, accurate size, small amount of processing, low cost, but casting defects (pores). Cracks (inclusions) castings of the internal structure of the shape is not good (if cutting, streamline worse);
Forged flanges are usually more carbon-free than cast flanges. They are less prone to rusting. They streamline, the structure is relatively compact, cast flange superior mechanical properties;
Inappropriate forging process can also lead to large or non-uniform grain, hardening cracking phenomenon, forging cost is higher than the casting flange.
Forgings withstand higher shear and pull than castings.
Casting has the advantage of making more complex shapes with lower costs;
In carbon steel flange forging flange has a certain working principle, in accordance with the production process and the use of carbon steel flange and have a certain working principle, the working principle is to use carbon steel flange gasket insulation gasket insulation High-strength carbon steel flange insulation, carbon steel flange on both sides of the electrical insulation flange factory work. Mary Iron and galvanized pipe commonly used (section iron) than steel, iron stronger than the intensity. Carbon steel, mild steel and low carbon steel, mild steel carbon content, easy to accept a variety of processing such as forging carbon steel flange machining, welding and cutting, commonly used in the chain, rivets, bolts, shaft manufacturing, Yanshan is a low carbon steel flange flange products. Forging the blank into an angle or shape of the forging process. Second, buy the product: First of all, to determine whether the control medium is oil or water.