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Flange should be checked on schedule

Flange should be checked on schedule
Stainless steel flange connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, first fixed on a flange, between the two flanges, plus the pad, bolted together to complete the connection. Some fittings and equipment have their own flange, also belong to the flange connection. Stainless steel flange with threaded flange and welded flange, it is a disc-shaped parts, the most common pipeline engineering, flanges are used in pairs. In plumbing, flanges are mainly used for pipe connections. In the need to connect the pipe, a variety of installation of a flange, low-pressure pipe can be used to wire flange, 4 kg or more pressure using the welding flange. Low pressure small diameter wire flange, high pressure and low pressure large diameter welding flange are used, the pressure of the flange thickness and connecting bolt diameter and the number is different. Stainless steel flange is not corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear, is one of the most high-strength materials used in construction of metal materials. Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, it enables structural components to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design.
Flanges can not be stored for long periods and should be inspected on schedule. Often the exposed surfaces should be clean, cleared of dirt and neatly stored in a ventilated, dry place in the house. Stacking or open storage is strictly prohibited. Flange ball valves, globe valves, gate valve use, only for full open or fully closed, do not agree to do to adjust the flow to avoid erosion by the sealing surface, accelerated wear and tear. The flange is easy to draw, simple to manufacture, low in cost and widely used. However, the flange is not suitable for the chemical process piping system with high supply and demand, flammable, explosive and high vacuum requirements, and highly and extremely harmful situations. Seal surface type plane and raised face. Flange structure is simple, small size, light weight; close and reliable, the current ball valve sealing surface material widely used plastic, good sealing, vacuum system has also been widely used; easy maintenance, ball valve structure is simple, the ring is generally active The removal and replacement are more convenient; in the fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and seat and the media isolation.