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Stainless steel flange material how to choose

Mainly used in food industry and surgical equipment, add molybdenum element to obtain a special anti-corrosion structure. It is also used as "marine steel" due to its better corrosion resistance than chloride. SS316 is usually used in nuclear fuel recovery unit. 18/10 grade stainless steel is usually also in line with this application level.
In order to save stainless steel, the use of welding ring form. This structure must be welded ring and take over after the sealing surface sealing process. General use hanging in the operating pressure 2.5MPa below. Smooth surface welding flange, due to poor connection rigidity, poor sealing performance, so toxic and flammable and explosive gas-tight equipment requires high equipment should not be used.
This structure of the connection plate material using carbon steel or stainless steel, if the use of carbon steel, the surface need nickel, the clamp material is cast aluminum ZL7. Connection plate seal roughness of 20, and no obvious radial groove And nicks. The specific structure can be seen GB4982-85.