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Stainless steel flange manufacturers Analysis: Regional will become the biggest obstacle to the development of the flange

China is a world power and its land area ranks third in the world. Regional differences in cultural differences are also different, precisely because of this, the use of flange there is a big difference, especially in Northeast China and North China, Northwest China, South China's largest difference. This forced the flange manufacturer in the production of valves, according to different regions need to produce different flanges, which undoubtedly increased the burden on enterprises.
However, from the market survey in our country, the common type flanges in our country are generally unqualified, which greatly restricts the development of universal flanges and enlarges the restriction of regional development in flanges. The personage in the industry believes that the reasons for the high failure rate of general purpose flanges in our country are mainly the backward technology of production enterprises, the lag of implementation of technical standards, the incomplete evaluation rules and the deterioration of market environment.
From the outside market, at present, some of the world famous Flange brand products have been developed to universal flange, such as Fisher, Masoneilan and so on. This also prompted the rise of some professional flange companies, at the same time, some large enterprises through the establishment of subsidiaries to develop universal flange. In the enterprise production line, for the flange market differences, many companies have been continuously integrated product line, develop marketable products, the product line as much as possible universal and series diversification.
Flange industry should be based on optimizing industrial structure, energy saving, independent innovation, reform and opening up, people-oriented and so on, to speed up the establishment of independent innovation and technology development capability of the new system. Flange industry products localization, large-scale ethylene flange to cover 95-100%, coal chemical industry flange is mainly high-temperature hydrogenation to solve the material sealing deputy, there are some control drive to achieve 90% or more; ultra-supercritical thermal power station technology, etc., the proportion of flange localization to reach 85% -100%.
Through the digestion and absorption of imported technology and independent research and development, especially after the "12th Five-Year" carried out during the localization of ultra-supercritical thermal flange, China's thermal power flange manufacturing level and product quality have been greatly improved for the The supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power units provide a large number of key flanges.
All in all, as a major factor restricting the development of our country flange, if we do not make a breakthrough, the terrain will be our country flange industry caused huge losses.